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Bloodborne - Bootyquake and Scheuffendorf by jdeberge
Bloodborne - Bootyquake and Scheuffendorf
Here's a doodle of my friend's character Bootyquake and my own character Scheuffendorf when we first started co-oping in Bloodborne.  Since then I've more or less adopted using Ludwig's Holy Blade like he has.

Currently I'm at Gehrman... but I've decided to grind through the Chalice Dungeons before I beat him.
Bloodborne - Teamwork by jdeberge
Bloodborne - Teamwork
So it was inevitable... got a PS4, Bloodborne, and Playstation Plus over the weekend.  BLOODBORNE IS AWESOME!!

Had a friend help me with Father Gascoigne... I rocked the Tiny Music Box.  In all honestly... he just slaughtered Father Gorgonzola while I more or less stood there.

Why Roundball Rock? Because John Tesh is a GOD!!!
Dark Souls - Lautrec of Carim by jdeberge
Dark Souls - Lautrec of Carim
I drew this after listening to some of the Dark Souls Lore videos by YouTubers VaatiVidya…
and Silver Mont…. They both have some pretty interesting theories and analysis of characters in the DS games. Give 'em a listen if you get the chance.

To think Bloodborne comes out next week… and I still do not have a PS4!
Spider-Gwen 02 by jdeberge
Spider-Gwen 02
Drew this at sketchgroup…

I'm really looking forward to the Spider-Gwen series!  The amazing thing is the artist  for the book, Robbi Rodriguez, has an eye disease that has made him legally blind… yet he continues to turn out good work!…


John DeBerge
United States
Seeing how I rarely update my journal... this post will stare me in the face every time I visit my dA page n' motivate me to get this stuff done... worked pretty well for 2013!

Some resolutions for 2014:

* Draw pieces with backgrounds, animals, objects, multiple characters, and from perspectives I don't normally do.  Take myself out of my artistic comfort zone.

* Do some big projects for myself.  Something that will require multiple pieces or sequential art.

* Try to update or make some new OC's.

* Learn some goddam Flash n' animate some stuff!
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Robo-Ky-II Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
Wow! Found you! My friends keep sending me your work (I'm a huge Dark Souls fan), and I finally found the legend. Fantastic work! Your're an inspiration.

I'm probably just blind, but I didn't see any info. Do you do commissions? What would be the best way to communicate to you, if so?
jdeberge Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
Thank you very much!  I've been loving the Dark Souls n' now Bloodborne (I hope to do more fan art of both).

I do take commissions, but I regret to inform you that I'm booked for the next couple of month.
BakaDaioh Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student General Artist
HOly shit!
This is so fucking surreal!!
I was such a big fan of oddlots irregulars, I'm so bummed it's not online anymore!
I Loved all the illustrations and comics you had on there. it's been too long and  I can't remember any names but the pictures are still really clear in my head,
the one with the little girl getting killed in that mansion and the one about  the train robbery? the one that was up to get into tokyopop. God I loved all of that.. I was too young at the time to really get most of the site(oddlots) to be honest but your drawings kept me there,
sorry for the long nostalgia post but seeing your drawings and remembering oddlots makes me so happy.
Thanks for the work you did before, although I didn't get into art until fairly recently, your drawings were a part of the memories in my head that brought me back into a childhood passion.
your works are still as awesome as I remember them, and better still!
thanks again,  : )
I just finished demons souls and am planning on starting dark souls soon, glad to see you're a fan as well!
jdeberge Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
Ha! It is awesome to reconnect with a fellow Oddlot!  It has been happening less and less these days.

You're too kind with all the praises.  It is too bad that Oddlots Irregulars went under… but hey, life happens.  I'm especially flattered that you remember my comics.

It is never too early or late to start doing art… glad I'm giving you inspiration!  I'll be following your work!

Thanks again for the kind words… it has really made my day!

John D

P.S. You're going to love the Dark Souls series!
Whetsit-Tuya Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Student Filmographer
We aer now bfffs: best frinds forfever :icononichewplz:
vassilizaitzev Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Took a gander through your gallery, like your U.B.C.S. OCs. Myself, I'm a fan of the RPD's Select Police Force before they became zombie chow. Read your dislike of UBCS OCs surviving. I understand your reasoning, but personally I can't write a character just to get killed off in the end. Maybe have a squad of characters, then dwindle down to just one survivor. I don't know, just my personal feeling. 
jdeberge Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
Yeah! Can't forget the RPD Select Police Force!  They stood there ground to the last person!

I'm very glad you brought UBCS OC survival up.  I have met RE fans with a level of love and dedication to the franchise that I could never match... and these awesome people showed me how much fun they had crafting their OC's and story-lines.  Having spent a few years keeping in touch with some of these great people has very much opened my eyes.

These days, whether a UBCS OC survives or not, as long as you're having fun creating the characters and story... it makes it all the more enjoyable to read for me.
vassilizaitzev Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
:) I used to love playing RE Outbreak 1 and 2 before they pulled it off the PSN. I'd like being able to play a RPD or UBCS skin. I haven't played Operation Raccoon City and really have no plans to play it. Keep up your art if you have any further plans for Resident Evil.

jdeberge Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
I wished I had played the Outbreak series.  And yeah... heard bad things about Operation Raccoon City, so like yourself, I'll pass on that one.
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ei9 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
 Really love your drawing style my man and you are indeed a fabulous artist. keep up the great work and Godspeed!
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