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Sneedham507 Commissions by jdeberge
Sneedham507 Commissions
More commissions for :iconsneedham507: of characters from his Ignition Crisis and Elders Floating Temple.

Lin, Veronica, Zoey, X-12, Isabella, Elise, and Lilli belong to :iconsneedham507:
Toad Mushroom Hat by jdeberge
Toad Mushroom Hat
I recently took part in the Chicago Ragnar Relay

Our team went with a Mario Kart theme and dressed as some of the characters for the start of the relay... so I decided to be Toad and built this papercraft hat.  The printer at my work wasn't wide enough... so I had to separate it into two parts.

Feel free to use it... I hope it fits!
Bloodborne Meets Boxtrolls by jdeberge
Bloodborne Meets Boxtrolls
I'm a huge fan of LAIKA Studios… and I recently watched Boxtrolls.  Between Coraline, Paranorman, and Boxtrolls… I really cannot decide on a favorite… they're all so much fun to watch!

But man… so much of the city of Cheesebridge in Boxtrolls looks like it'd fit in Bloodborne!  Not nearly as gothic as Yharnam… but they'd definitely be neighbors!

Because I liked Mr. Trout, Mr. Pickles, and Mr. Gristle so much… I got the odd idea of them being employed to fight the beasts of Yharnam!

I can't help but think the musings of Mr. Trout and Mr. Pickles over whether they were good guys or not would go something like:

Mr. Trout: "Now are we absolutely sure we're on a righteous quest of justice Mr. Pickles?"

Mr. Pickles: "Currently I'd place the odds at 70/30 that our current task of washing the streets of this fair city with the blood of the vermin terrorizing these good people is indeed a righteous act Mr. Trout."

Mr. Gristle: "Heh… Blood."

Yeah… Bloodborne… play it!  Boxtrolls… watch it!
Bloodborne Adella by jdeberge
Bloodborne Adella
One aspect of Bloodborne that I thoroughly enjoy is the Lovecraftian way everyone seems to just go crazy around you… like Adella.  I love the thoughts of "what's gonna happen to me?" as you come across the insane and infected citizens of Yharnam.

When I read she kills Arianna if you use too much of Arianna's blood… I just stopped asking and using blood from either of them in hopes we could all just get along.  But I thought I'd draw Adella, post Arianna's murder, post red moon, when she attacks you outside of Oedon Chapel.
Disney's Mileena by jdeberge
Disney's Mileena
A friend brought Mortal Kombat X to work and we had a fun tournament during lunch.  Back during my MK2 days, Mileena was my best… not so much anymore.  That night I got the bizarre vision of what would Mileena look like as a Disney Princess? Here's my attempt at drawing it.

C'mon people! Help we out with the rest of the lyrics!

Oh… and can anyone give me some pointers as to how to go about choosing the color for the line art in relation to the fill? I don't do it often… and I'm not sure it totally worked for this piece.


John DeBerge
United States
Seeing how I rarely update my journal... this post will stare me in the face every time I visit my dA page n' motivate me to get this stuff done... worked pretty well for 2013!

Some resolutions for 2014:

* Draw pieces with backgrounds, animals, objects, multiple characters, and from perspectives I don't normally do.  Take myself out of my artistic comfort zone.

* Do some big projects for myself.  Something that will require multiple pieces or sequential art.

* Try to update or make some new OC's.

* Learn some goddam Flash n' animate some stuff!
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