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nobody tells me nothing...
United States
Seeing how I rarely update my journal... this post will stare me in the face every time I visit my dA page n' motivate me to get this stuff done... worked pretty well for 2013!

Some resolutions for 2014:

* Draw pieces with backgrounds, animals, objects, multiple characters, and from perspectives I don't normally do.  Take myself out of my artistic comfort zone.

* Do some big projects for myself.  Something that will require multiple pieces or sequential art.

* Try to update or make some new OC's.

* Learn some goddam Flash n' animate some stuff!
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mastereaper Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As you can probably tell from all the favorites, I have quickly found myself infatuated with your art, you have such a unique style, keep up the amazing work!!! :D
Oh thank you very much!  It is very nice of you to say that!  I'm glad you enjoy it.
I got photos from Ohayocon up now in case you've not already seen them
Yeah I've seen them... looks like you had fun!  How many con-goers knew who you guys were?
Just a small few of those who were in the RE cosplay group along with another Carlos who saw me but wasn't able to make the main shoots the guy who went as Nicholai Friday went as Karl from RE: Outbreak on Saturday
Favorite visual artist Clement Sauve Favorite movies Children of Men, Coraline, Inception, Paranorman --(*"Favorite gaming platform PS3"*)-- Other Interests drawing, running, biking

I have PS3 too I like it better than XBoX because you don't have to pay for Online, even though they claim when PS4 comes out the whole pay for PS+ Subscription to play thing only applies to multiplayer on PS4 on PS3 and the other systems that support online, it'll still be free if you have a PSN account my online ID is exactly the same as my user name on here
One of the main reasons I bought a PS3 was for the blu-ray player!  I can safely say a watch more blu-rays on it that play games!  To top it off... I've probably have connected to PSN once since I bought my PS3 years ago.

But I'll keep the fact you're on PSN next time I have to update.
jimmyhopkins Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
dude ^^ it's f-ing sweet to meet you. I joined oddlots years ago when I was younger. I kinda fell out of it for a while and only remembered it today. D8 what ever happened to the forums? I saw the name up for sale.....damn man I've gotten old...anyway besides that question just wanted to say ^^ big fan of your art.
Hey, just wanted to say that it is great to finally greet THE person who made the art for that catgirl in oddlots! Gnna have to watch your page from now in!
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